Thursday, May 31, 2007

'06-'07 TV Wrapup

Well, HEROES and 24 finales kind of underperformed for me. They were both decent but seemed a bit anticlimactic. With 24, that's all right, as you really didn't want a THIRD disaster breaking out in the last five minutes. But HEROES, man, after all that buildup, it just seemed a bit lackluster (SPOILERS). I'm sure that the Petrellis will both be back next season, but especially with Sylar sneaking away at the end, it was a pretty Meh ending to Volume One after all that excellent buildup. Loved that they went into the first minutes of Volume Two, though, that was a great touch and got me right back in the game.

LOST was another matter. And is addressed in-depth here:

Now we're just left with the last couple episodes of the first season of THE RICHES, which was treading water for a minute there but seems to be back on track, and the last two ever of THE SOPRANOS, which should be absolutely crushing.

Finally finished that FOUNTAINHEAD. Really great work of literature. As totally engaging as it is overly verbose. Which should be an oxymoron, but it all comes together somehow. Should be required reading in schools of architecture.

Also lately hit Chabon's newest THE YIDDISH POLICEMAN'S UNION (a gorgeous slice of alternate-history noir), THE NAMESAKE (excellent meditation on Indian immigration/integration into American life), and McCarthy's THE ROAD, which just won itself a Pulitzer. The last is a stark, compulsive read. Beautiful words at play there, as dark as the story is.

Reading Erdrich's LOVE MEDICINE now and just loving it, such a great collection of stories and people bouncing off each other down the years.