Thursday, January 17, 2008


Went up to Vermont for the first few days of '08 for my second residency at Goddard College, where I'm working on my MFA in Creative Writing. It was a pretty mind-blowing experience, read three novels and a couple dozen short stories, gave three readings of my own work, got lots of ideas for stories and insight into the craft and quality time with very good friends. Had a bit of wine. Meant to keep this up to date from there, but there was far too much going on to do so. Failing that, here is a short pictorial romp.

This is the view of NY from the plane. Very cold there in January. I wound up having to fly into Syracuse due to the soulless machinations of Delta Airlines, but my good friends Charles and Cara picked me up. We see them here:

Getting down at the dance. Many drinks were had and fireworks were shot afterwards. At Goddard, they teach you that the passive voice is not to be employed, under any circumstances.

Myself, Joe Ricker (my roommate), and Charles Hale. Cara Hoffman was not present for this picture because she was off dancing with her advisor. Such things always end well.

Charles Hale cannot be contained. On the dance floor. In life.

The glowglobes of Goddard, always lit at night to illumine shenanigans.

The other vertices of the Hypercube, on a pilgrimage to clear out all our bad ideas.


On film shoots, they call those few minutes when the sun's setting Magic Hour. I managed to get a few shots Tuesday after my Pynchon workshop and the one on Graphic novels (for which the eminent faculty chose bits from WATCHMEN, PLANETARY, & PROMETHEA, amongst others!)

The Clocktower. I think about Marty McFly's 1.21 jigawatts every single time I walk by.

The Haybarn Theatre, where people give readings and dance and graduate and hurl the occasional chair.

The first thing you see when you drive into campus. If you time it right.

Magic Hour took place on 1/08. Of course.


Caron said...

Goddard is such a magical place. I graduated last summer from the MFA-IA program and have to say that my time there was life-changing indeed - for the better of course. ;-) Savor your time there - it goes by way too fast.

Charles said...

who are those people dancing and walking in the snow. Don't they know that both of those practices are forbidden by the order of ordering french fries. I mean really. Disappointed.