Tuesday, May 6, 2008


It’s been quite a while. My semester of grad school overran me, along with other madnesses including my monster novel (which is more me than grad school, it must be said), creating two more comic-book series, publishing the one we created last year, and the return of the ultimate example of serial entertainment. Been quiet round these here parts, but I promise to try to drop in a bit more now. Here’s a quick blast of photos on how I spent the first third of 2008.
For February, just picture me at this desk writing a thesis on INFINITE JEST dictated by the synthetic overlord from the future installed directly over my head (who says, Hello, by the way.)

Saw a rainbow.

Saw the sun set over the UT campus, the cranes stilled for the coming night . . .

. . . on the way to the Rollergirl Derby. Which, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a pillow fight at one of these things with a beer in your hand and a flask of Jack in your friend’s pocket. There’s misogyny and then there’s just good, clean fun. Seriously, though, I'm just sick about not taping that pillow fight.

Paul knows what I’m talking about. Hell of a driver, too.

Catherine threw her lavish Oscar dinner, as usual. Glad Marion Cotillard won. Wish There Will Be Blood wouldn’t have gotten trounced by the Coens, it was a far superior film. Never thought I’d be rooting against those guys for an Oscar, though, tell you what.

Got drunk with Mikey.
In a house in Burnet, TX. There were trucks. We let him drive us in his, so that we wouldn't be discriminated against.

Went and saw the Kids in the Hall perform live at the Paramount. They were hilarious. Buddy Cole made an appearance to teach us how the Messiah was a gay man, there was Chicken-Lady phone-sex.

McKinney's Headcrusher closed the show, lining the other guys up one by one and insulting the current state of their careers before crushing their heads live for all to see. There goes Bruce now.

The next night, the Mars Volta rolled through town and crushed hell out of everyone, played 2 hours and 45 minutes straight. Stayed up at the front the entire time. They were shamans.

Oh and wait, my birthday was in there somewhere. A couple of weeks before those shows. Huh, don't seem to have any pictures from that. We just went out to dinner and came home and got drunk, nothing too crazy. Take a Wednesday night New Comic Book Day and multiply that by a Thursday night new LOST, that's about what it looked like. Which was hell, because my birthday fell on a Tuesday this year.

On Free Comic Book Day, we released a Rough Cut of THE IDEA #1 at the First Annual Lubbock Comic Expo, which was a rousing success all around. Here I am with Luis Estrada and Trinadad Calderon, the artists.

Also sat around and played some blues that night while we were in town, with Pop on banjo, even.

And just found out that one of my favorite living authors is in town tomorrow. So, that's probably worth a post. But that's most of what's been going on down in Austin, TX this last little bit, here.

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