Monday, May 3, 2010


It's Monday night and I'm having the very best time jamming out a comic script, so much I apparently have to stop and tell you about it, there are wonderful things on the nightstand to read, a Morrison/Swan JLA SECRET ORIGINS I discovered today, Fraction and JRjr on IRON MAN/THOR, WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #0, and the first issue of the Giffen/Dematteis/Maguire JLI run.

Tomorrow night is new L O S T. For one of the very last times.

Wednesday is out drinking and new comics. Almost always the best night of the week, such a time, here.

Thursday is IRON MAN 2 at the Drafthouse at midnight.

All while rolling with Miller Bass every single day, which is of course a thrill a minute.

And Mad Aunt Lulu in for the weekend, what a charming mad mad time it's going to be here in the next little bit.

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